Sunday, 14 September 2014

I stole my mums products.. Sshhh!!

So my mums friend works at Guerlain in John Lewis, she is highly trained when working with cosmetics and she has companies like YSL and Chanel under her belt and retail experience. Luckily for my mum she receives a lot of testers and also gifts that my mums friend has purchased for her in the past whether it be for Birthdays and Christmas.

My mum has left her Guerlain facial illuminating facial scrub by the side of the bath which is such a big NO,NO when I'm at home as i love trying out new products and finding something that really works for my skin, and as it means I'm not having to purchase it.. I'm going to use it/ steal it.

So i have really bad problems with my skin my skin swells a lot, especially my nose. My nose gets skin infections every week and will swell to a sore pressure point, this really affects my confidence and I've had various appointments with doctors where i have been diagnosed various skin illnesses and i have also had blood tests which didn't help anything at all! I am well and truly giving up.  Which is why I'm always willing to try products to see how this would help my skin.

The Guerlain facial scrub is a really gentle scrub with micro beads inside, and the gel is a shimmering light gold which helps laminate your skin keeping it looking healthy and glowing. When i first tried this face scrub i was worried as it is perfumed and i thought this may interact with my skin and cause me to have yet ANOTHER REACTION!

Well I've been using it for a couple of days now and its worked really well for me.. i don't exfoliate everyday i do it every other day and in-between i will simply wash my face day/night with just a dove soap bar which helps keep my face nice and soft.. and also cleansed without any harsh chemicals and thats really working for me right now!

I also dry my hair at my mums dressing table, as well as moisturise and all that jazz, i noticed a huge bottle of Gerulain cleansing and illuminating cream which is a really silky soft, perfumed cream which really does lift the skin and i apply this when i have used the exfoliant facial wash the great thing about the cream is it has a pump dispenser which makes it last a lot longer and keeps you limited without wasting cream because you've squeezed  out too much . My mum probably won't be too impressed when she finds out, but at least my skin is reacting well! I just love finding products that work well for me, however my bank account surly does not!!

Friday, 12 September 2014

This Months Favourites So Far

1.Brics Luggage £269
2. Asos Loafer £40
3. Asos Pimsole £20
4. Zara £45.99

1. Brics Bags are my new favourite thing, i have had my Brics bag around a years time now, i purchased it for my commuting to and from London, i bought the smallest size which measures around 50cm in length and as you have buttons on the sides you can reduce the size of the bag for every day usage or you can un-button the sides and extend them. Personally i always have the sides un-buttoned for a slouch look and sometimes ill tuck them in halfway to get a celine/birkin style to it.  This bag has been everywhere with me from mexico to Africa and slumming it on the tube in London. I literally use this bag as an everyday bag and i love it, the material is super sturdy and the leather ages beautifully. I purchased this from Selfridges Trafford Centre.

2. ASOS is one of my favourite places to shop ever especially online, i never purchase branded clothing off the website i always purchase ASOS as it has amazing prices with amazing quality and the customers service is excellent. I purchased these tassel loafers for Christmas 2013 and they are still going strong, I've worn them everywhere and they are so ideal as you can slip them on quickly and they go with everything, they have been my GO TO WORK SHOE for sure.

3. ASOS again, i just love their products, now brands like Celine & Givenchy introduced pim-soles into their shoe collections and i have fell in love with how high street stores like Topshop & Primark have adapted to this for their womenswear collections however nowhere seemed to provide a version for men however i was lucky to find several styles on ASOS. This pair killed it for me with black croc print and the white sole, they go with everything.. they only arrived the other day and i have worn them to work twice and they are super super comfy. They retail at £20 however i only paid £15 as ASOS are introducing a new points system which i am LOVING and with the points i had built up i had redeemed a £5 voucher off my next purchase online. ITS FABULOUS!

4. ZARA is another favourite of mine and i find they really cater for men. They really pay attention to the high end brands and introduce it in their own way which is very appealing.. well to me! I picked this zip-sleeve jumper along with some other items at the start of this month however this is the only item I've worn to date as I'm saving the others for when i move back to London for university. this jumper is made out of polyester however the inside is so soft and when worn the jumper looks great. I paired this jumper with some black jeans and my ASOS pimples NO.3 and it looked great if i do say so myself. The zips can be un-done however the sleeves are not removable… be careful with the zips if you've had a couple of drinks! its painful when it pinches the skin! 

Thats just a quick insight into my favourites so far this month, and there are many more to come. I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions, please leave below. I recommend all these items to anyone.